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Paparacci & harassment in Tokyo metro

What a surprise! I was trying to take a picture inside the metro car of Tokyo to show how pack it was. The silent inside the metro cars is astonishing so I thought that plugging in my earphones the camera would not make a noise. How wrong I was, the camera sound out-loud as usual turning almost every look in the car towards me. You can imagine how shy I felt… And so I tried to cover this noise, I looked through the settings but I could not find any option to shut this sound down. And apparently you cannot do it unless you jailbreak your phone. I was curious about this and started to discuss with some friends why this could not be done. Surprisingly this was not only for the iphone but in principle for any cell phone model sold in Japan. Why would this be I thought… Well, I am not sure how familiar is the average person with the hentai porn and other facts about sexuality in Japan. Japanese people tend to be very formal and preserve normality in appearance and keep their sexual fantasies for themselves and for the intimacy; Look up the japanese concepts of “honne” and “tatemae”. These train of though and behaviour generates lot of social pressure and it is not easy for some japanese to get women, actually in combination with other factors inherent to the Japanese culture and lifestyle  poses a sociological problem which translates into the lowest sex ratios among all countries.

The fantasy of grooming or harassing women in buses or metro cars is widespread in japanese porn. I certainly do not know whether there is an specific reason why this trend started but the truth is that many harassments occur in Tokyo metro. That is why at rush hour there are a number of  cars usually painted in pink where only women are allowed as a measure to prevent the harassments. In a whole year I never saw any detention but I heard of some from friends and colleagues.

Apparently the cancelation of photo sound in cellphones is banned for the reason that some people used to take pictures under the skirts of women and so by avoiding its cancelation they could not proceed without being noticed. I was shocked about this and I thought of other reasons such as protecting places like museums or other areas where pictures are not allowed, I thought whether this would be the same for other countries, but as soon as I checked with my brother in Spain that he could easily mute the photo sound setting the vibration mode of his iphone I understood that it could be a more than acceptable reason.

Interesting and weird, is not it?

Well it is not, is Japan 😉

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