Tokyo metro

20120202-205912.jpgThis is not even close to the usual crowd you can get at a Tokyo car when traveling in the metro. When is really crowded you do not need to hold on anything because is so packed that there is not space for moving. Nevertheless when the train performs rare balancing everybody moves like a Mexican wave. I can tell that is not a very pleasant feeling although is compensated by the silence that allows you to concentrate on your things. Fortunately I do not need to take the metro at the very rush hours but still the cars are crowded at any time, no matter morning or evening… It is astonishing the amount of people you can cross in this city.. The metro is efficient and more than punctual i would say, but is not as fast as expected and you still have to wait longer than I thought. In that regard i was far more impressed by Moscow’s metro where you could get a car each 15 seconds. Moreover it is quite expensive and despite there are some commuter cards you can get, those are also expensive. One of them allows you to travel between 2 specific stations and any stop between those monthly. Out of this range even within the line you will be charged extra money. I also found a monthly pass to travel as much as you want but just on those lines run by the Metro of Tokyo for around 16800 yen – 168 euros. There are different companies ruling the lines and that makes the service competitive and efficient but still expensive ;).

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